sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012

We used to be so cool.

We used to live, to give, to forgive, to make believe, to explore, to adore, to ignore.
We used to lie, to die, to say goodbye, and hi again, to ignore the pain, to send the bad away.
We used to spend, to send, to be friends, to drink, to think, to blink, to make, to take, to fake.

But now we're dead, weak, starving in a hard suffering and we don't even know why, we've lost the plot, and fell into something ugly, awful and uncomfortable. We've lost our soul in a dark matter, we're wasted, tasted and underrated.

We used to be so cool, but now we are just a dark blue.
What happened to us?

Tenha um dia cheio de cor.

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